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Our Services

Facilities Management Services

Our team of experts are ready and able to support your commercial or federal facility needs.  

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Training Solutions

APSi offers training solutions to individuals, groups, and businesses. We deliver traditional training services, tailored offerings and various on-demand or virtual programs.

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Workforce Development Training

APSi provides Award-Winning Workforce Development Training Programs that help transitioning workers, veterans, and underserved communities gain access to globally recognized accredited training aligned with high-demand careers.

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Capture Management Services

Our team of business experts have the track record of success you need to help achieve sustainable growth through the Vertex Sales Accelerator.  

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Supplier Diversity Solutions

APSi and the Vertex Business Group collaborates with both Small Businesses and Enterprise Level Organizations/Associations to help identify qualified supplier partners.

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Digital Marketing Services

We provide small businesses with digital marketing, marketing strategies, content creation, email campaigns and website development.

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Results-Driven Solutions

Consulting & Coaching

Delivering proven result-driven outcomes through a systematic approach to growth, contract capture & revenue. 

Accelerated Performance

Innovative performance-driven solutions for individuals and businesses.

Skill Development

Leveraging a full host of “powerful” workforce skill development content, workshops and e-learning courses.

Marketing & Sales

Provide expertise in sales, business development, digital marketing and business social media solutions. 

Other Value-Added Solutions

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Accelerate your business with a systematic approach to performance!

Accelerated Performance Solutions Integrated (APSi) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business that focuses on its clients most critical challenges and transform those low performing issues into key performing focus areas.  Our team of experts deploy performance-based solutions that are customized to your specific needs.  As your partner, you’ll receive deep level of expertise and a proven holistic approach to sustainable outcomes that are measurable and repeatable throughout your growth journey.

APSi and the Vertex Business Group was designed to help your business:

  • Establish proven strategies for accelerated growth
  • Identify, attract and place qualified talent
  • Provide individual or company wide training solutions
  • Help you grow your bottom line

Partnering with us will help you eliminate barriers that are hindering your growth. Together, let’s dominate every single day!

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Help your small business capture opportunities that 10X your growth

APSi’s capture management team provides over 30 years of procurement, sales and business development experience.  Our CM Leadership has managed over $200MM in opportunities for businesses worldwide.  As a value add to your organization, we offer expertise that raise the probability of commercial and government awards.  We engage your leadership team from the procurement/proposal phase to submission and award phase.

Our capture management solutions benefit each client by having experts on board who understand the direct and indirect strategies to identifying the right opportunity, connecting your small business to large partners, business intelligence gathered around your core competencies and coaching your proposal team to success.


Our capture experts assist your management team by providing the following services nationwide:

  • Capture Assessments
  • Cost Strategy
  • Bid Estimation
  • Training
  • Opportunity Assessments

The capture management solution is part of the marketing & sales service offerings. If you’re interested in working a team that get’s results–schedule a FREE Strategy Call today!

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Proven Performance "Ecosystem" Framework

The Vertex Performance “Ecosystem” enhances our clients ability to eliminate waste and implement a framework that drives results.  Our ecosystem methodology focuses on 7 primary areas: leadership, strategy, engagement, talent, operations, measurements and predictable results.

APSi has invested deeply into cultivating business alliances and was able to Co-Found the Vertex Business Group to better serve its clients by addressing their most critical needs using its Vertex Ecosystem approach.

The Vertex Ecosystem was created over several years of coaching/consulting small and mid-sized businesses using proven enterprise level tools.  Our team of entrepreneurs and executives discovered innovative ways to incorporate various tools into a systematic way to get 15%, 20% and over 30% more returns in growth and revenues.

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Vertex Performance Center

Workforce Development is the heartbeat of continued improvement within a business.  Finding and keeping good talent is becoming more difficult in todays business climate.  That’s why our team has created the Vertex Performance Center.  With over 50 years of experience and a global network of curriculum partners, our team is continuously developing content that’s designed to address mindset, professional development, executive growth and business needs.

Our Performance Center provides easy to consume, yet highly targeted content with immersive instruction taught by experts within our partner network.  Programs range from short 60 minute sessions to multiple stage sessions for more advanced study.

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Supplier Diversity Solutions

APSi and the Vertex Business Group collaborates with both Small Businesses and Enterprise Level Companies/Associations to help identify qualified supplier partners.

Our team has over 200 years’ combined experience in this arena and have a global network of participating clients who are eager to connect with the right suppliers.  Over the last 30 years, our team has helped small businesses capture over $200M in small business opportunities and through the Vertex Business Accelerator, we can:

  • -Help you identify the best agency/organizational fit for your products/services.
  • -Create a “systematic” approach to growth, subcontract success, teaming/partnerships, leadership and execution.
  • -Provide training and development programs for individual stakeholders, staff members, project teams and sales professionals.
  • -On-site and virtual mentorship that includes audits, site walks, evaluations, webinars/seminars and training solutions.
  • -Establish a proven “Capture Management” system to improve your bid/award ratios.
  • -Tailor or update a performance based plan for your small business.
  • -Assist with certification processing, tracking and registration.
  • -Branding/Marketing and Procurement Sales Procedures
  • -Proposal writing and submission.
  • -And more…

A True Performance Consulting and Coaching Agency

Delivering winning strategies, services and solutions to individuals, groups, small and enterprise level businesses.  All of our services are built on “accelerating performance” delivered by professionals who’re experts in their perspective fields.

From business advice, providing consulting services on projects, identifying personnel, training to coaching services–APSi has decades of winning solutions for your needs.