Company overview

The APSi Team works to empower communities, individuals, leaders and their teams to scale their performance into repeatable success.  Our Vertex Coaches – who have all found success leveraging tools within our Vertex methodology and framework – will guide you or your team/organization beyond your challenges to alignment, growth, scalability and purpose.

We work closely with you or your team to determine and implement essential performance-based habits and strategies to create a common process of accountability through the introduction and mastery of our proven programs.

APSi continues to serve its clients by helping them grow ever day while “dominating” the small tasks, as the big picture becomes a clear path to sustainable growth.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, objective services and support to help each clients solve their most challenging problem and transform their shortcomings into performance-driven success.

Our Vision

To service communities who often lack access to professional services and offer affordable, yet proven solutions to help them compete at a global level.  We strive to deliver solutions with integrity, respect, trust, and transparency so that each client can easily master the strategies and perform beyond our engagement.

Our Values

Our values are driven by “results”.  These results are easily obtain by clients who are committed to success and to the process of growth.  These values consist of:

  • -Being accountable to our clients and each participant in the process.
  • -Operate in a manner that conveys a genuine committment to your success founded on respect for everyone and accountability 
  • -Always placing the results of our clients above our own interest by conducting business with integrity, honesty, empathy, humility, and ethically.
  • Strive to exceed our clients expectations by “teaching” and “coaching” them to continue their success beyond our engagement.
  • Become great stewards of our client’s trust, reputation, and the integrity of the industry.  
  • -Establish and maintain an professional organization, work environment and service offering focused on promoting team work, determination, innovation, tact, and inclusion.
  • -We will always be honest with ourselves, our clients, and students–providing transparent information, complete with facts and proven data no matter the outcomes.  This will keep our integrity whole and our staff open to criticism which will result in better solutions in the future.

About APSi

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Simply put, Scott is the blueprint for all top level management professionals. His high level of integrity, dynamic business nature makes him admired by peers and preferred by clients. I would strongly recommend him for any organization looking to improve, sustain and maximize their business performance.

Jeremy T.
Human Resources , Technical Consulting Firm

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