Vertex Coaching Framework

The Vertex Group (team of military veterans, corporate leaders & entrepreneurs) has developed a professional accelerator program that identifies seven key elements that improves your professional outlook. Each element is connected in a systematic approach to develop skills, knowledge and abilities to accelerate career growth and workforce outlook.

The primary focus on the professional accelerator is to coach participants through a series of action steps that can be measured, while eliminating wasteful activities in their personal and professional lives. This innovative accelerator system seeks to improve six core areas of learning that support a lifelong career of growth.

Exploration of Possibilities

Here, our coaches want to help participants explore a full range of potential opportunities and possibilities they may have utilizing the Vertex Accelerator System. We want to also help them discover how they can improve their future professional outlook using a systematic approach.

Lifelong "growth" MINDSET

The goal for our coaches is to help participants learn how to develop a “growth” mindset for personal and professional success. Establishing a lifelong learning behavior accelerates individual capabilities and expands potential.

Career Management

Learning to manage your career goals is a major component to staying competitive throughout your working journey. Coaches focus on helping participants learn how to make the most of the research, due diligence, and strategic planning to make the most of opportunities while learning from challenges.

Opportunity Management

Creating opportunities by learning how to build relationships, engage others who are in position to support your efforts, and getting outside the comfort zone are great tools to include in your career management toolbox.

Work Life Balance

Balancing life, work, business, wellbeing, family, community, and other interest can greatly contribute toward your overall success.

Tactical Planning

Understanding the “big” picture requires research, diligence, and tracking trends within the economy, society, and politics.

Coaching and Mentoring Career – Related Systems and Approach

Career coaching and mentorship is not only becoming more popular amongst all working aged professionals but is now being considered as part of a standardized form of personal & professional development. The aim of embedding an “systematic” approach to the development process provides participants a measurable outcome that can be adjusted to fit their desired needs. The Vertex System offers a system that includes easy to comprehend elements that are all connected to subjects, topics and experiences that enable participants to appreciate the relevance of what they are striving for professionally and personally.

The most powerful modules of the Vertex System emphasize the role of the coach or mentor who is leading them to new behaviors in assessments, balance in work/life, exploration, career management, strategic planning, communicating, and evaluating all activities connected to their success and failures.

This systematic approach supports the acceleration model of growth outlined in the framework. The Vertex model also incorporates proven principles utilized in Lean Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, Baldridge, CLA’s, and other tools designed to increase production and outcomes using a systematic approach.

Career Development Coaching through a systematic approach

Career-related coaching can be identified as a collaboration with training, research, healthy living, relationship building, and other relatable goals set by successful people. Many, of the successful people, utilize coaching services to achieve these goals. However, the aim of establishing coaching framework, in conjunction with other career development strategies, is to enable participants to make the connection in their learning process to relevant goals they establish for their personal lives and careers.

The most powerful coaching models emphasize the role of the individual and accountability in their strategic planning and action items that support their goals. This approach improves the long-term development, creates new behaviors, sparks creative thinking (innovation) and incorporates new principles for a sustainable career. Therefore, the role of a Vertex Coach focuses on identifying participants realistic focus areas:

  • Their “true” intent: What is the actual interest of the student/participant?
  • Implementing Action: How realistic and effective is the plan, learning strategies,assessments, and approach to a sustainable outcome.
  • Impact: How successful are they becoming learning new behaviors, implementing newaction items, and coachability as a professional.

In the same regard, our coaches are evaluated in the same three categories as students/participants are progressing through the program. Each coach is assessed for:

  • Their “true” intent: Did the coach deliver the best solution in the interest of the student?
  • Implementing Action: How effective is the guidance, mentorship and assessments of the students that meet the needs of each participant?
  • Impact: How successful was the overall learning experience? What the sessions enjoyable? Did the coach present a positive approach? Did you reach the desired outcomes?

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