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Capture Management Solutions

Opportunities are increasing in today’s business world.  Local and federal government agencies are generating more opportunities for small to mid-sized businesses to establish a direct relationship with multiple agencies around the world.  However, businesses that are not equipped to respond or execute on these opportunities find themselves falling further behind their competitors or spending time, effort and resources submitting bid responses that are not compliant to receive any awards. Contrary to what others believe about government contracting opportunities–there are thousands of small businesses winning multi-million dollar contracts each and every month.

Winning in this environment requires a strategic approach to a complex system  than requires a unique set of skills, tools and expertise to capture opportunities with consistency.

Apsi and the Vertex Business Group provides a strategic capture management service to small and large businesses that is affordable and effective.  Our Capture Management, or “opportunity management“, solutions cover the entire lifecycle of business development within federal contracting or grant funding opportunities.  Each of the Capture Management Services offered by our expert team is totally tailored to fit your business size, position and needs.  The APSi / Vertex Business Group Capture Management Solutions include:

  • Federal Opportunity Sourcing Solutions
  • Grant Opportunity Sourcing Solutions
  • Local Government Agency Sourcing Solutions
  • Diversity/Set Aside Opportunity Sourcing Solutions
  • Proposal Management
  • Database Management and Award oversight

Successful capture management solutions are about identifying agencies that fit your business capabilities and driving opportunities through a business development life or strategic activities.  Our Capture Management Solutions provide assistance to entrepreneurs or sales professionals while minimizing the distractions, disconnects, and, disruptions that reduce productivity and put potential awards at risk.

Our Capture Management Solution Plans

  • Basic Opportunity Sourcing:  This is a great way to introduce your business to the contracting or grant culture.  In this plan, clients receive daily opportunity searches, daily reports of new listings and opportunities that are in alignment with the business criteria.  This base solution will provide intel and a pathway to investing more resources in receiving your first contract award if you have a team in place to ensure the response, supporting documents and required activities are already in place.
  • Capture Management & Analysis Plan:  This advanced capture management plan is for the organization who has some experience with government contracting but need expertise to assist with identifying winning opportunities, conducting analysis of the business capabilities, database (SAM’s) management, daily updates/reports and weekly consulting services to ensure the company is selecting the proper opportunities to solicit.  This particular package is best suitable for any company who is familiar with the bid, documentation, intelligence gathering and post award processes.
  • Full Capture Management Service Plan:  The plan includes all of the basic and advanced services and customized services for capture management.  Companies who experience maximum results in this plan are organizations that require full strategic planning and infrastructure.  This includes: business service evaluation, setting up website/white papers, business development, capture management development, preliminary overview of the business products/services, competitor analysis, building a winning strategy, risk assessment, diversity or small business set aside strategies, partnership network(s), qualifying agencies, and overall solution coaching for stakeholders or designated staff members.  Ideal companies for this plan will include new business entities, small/mid-sized companies or any company looking to build a campaign to capture grants or government contracts.

Winning Process Strategies

With APSi and the Vertex Business Group, your business is able to capture key intel necessary for successful outcomes.  Unlike commercial business development, government capture management requires proven processes that are driven by daily activities.  The daily activities support the team and offers information that can be analyzed and measured by risk vs. reward.  Our systematic approach drives your team to take action and build a pipeline of potential awards at any given moment.

Consistent Framework

The Capture Management Solution will be delivered through a framework to identify activities within the designated team members across the life cycle of each bid opportunity.  All actions taken within our framework is documented and measured for a consistent flow of awards.  This strategy enables your team to provide input to stakeholders as it is made available on each bid response.

Embedded Partnerships 

Selecting APSi and the Vertex Business Group to assist you with capture management includes a global network of potential partners who can improve your chances of contract awards.  These are strategically placed relationships that enhance your response and show validity to your product or service offering.  Our partner network could be the very relationships you need to build to improve your win ratios and these entities range from diversity, small and large businesses, enterprise level services and other clients who have experienced success through the program.

Consistent Flow of Opportunities

Capture Management is about a consistent flow of strategic activities.  Meaning, to have a high win ratio, you must have a consistent flow of opportunities in the pipeline. Our Capture Management Solutions provide business owners visibility required to build relationships with procurement and/or agency decision makers.  We manage the relationship development phase, ensure the proper capabilities and visibility is in place across all opportunities.  Some of these activities may include; manage calendars/schedules, milestones, reviews, briefings, KPI assessments, reporting and updates.  The result is a well oiled process consistent with daily activities that drive predictable outcomes.

Key Capture Management Capabilities

Some of the key capabilities of the APSi/Vertex Business Group are:

  • Opportunity Tracking – organize and manage opportunities throughout the life cycle.
  • Secure Company Data – each opportunity is handled with the upmost sensitivity.  All information transferred from the company to the opportunity will held completely in confidence and security.
  • Transparency – see all opportunity activities, conversations, reports and updates as they happen.  Clients in the capture management program will be involved in every aspect of the process.  We require at least one designated participant to be responsible for inputting data, updating the opportunity database, uploading bid responses and following each step with the capture management coach.  This way executives are learning the system and ensuring the bid responses are accurate to the company capabilities.
  • Review Briefings – Our team will hold daily scheduled briefings to communicate progress, suggest changes, improve positioning and respond to opportunity inquiries.  These briefings may be held in more frequency but are mandatory to take place at least once per week.
  • Schedules, Calendars & Events – Clients will work closely with the capture management team to ensure participation in scheduled events that are key to response awards.  These events are also scheduled but could require the designated team to attend procurement conference calls, emailed inquiries, or pre-bid events scheduled by the contracting office that offers insight into the opportunity.
  • Progress Assessment KPI’s – Each opportunity has its own set of KPI’s.  These KPI’s could be associated with both bid response and the award activities.  The capture management team will help the client assess the needs and establish KPI’s to track and if awarded the opportunity–another set of KPI’s will be established to track and measure progress throughout the award.
  • Capture Planning Tools – APSi and the Vertex Business Group will provide your team with standardized capture management tools, along with daily actives to drive consistency and ensure tasks are not overlooked during the process.
  • Assessments and Infrastructure – Prior to any capture management client on boarding, we will provide the business an initial assessment.  This assessment will help you and your team identify gaps in the business to address prior to bidding or receiving any award.  The assessment allows the business to understand its strengths and weaknesses so that it will not be overwhelmed with the demands of a contract award.  Typical gaps include: lack of resources, infrastructure, back office support, management, processes, communication chain and ability to respond to the rigorous reporting process the government requires once the project begins.
  • Configurable Reporting and Analytics –Each week, clients can expect to receive, review and respond to reports and analytics connected to bids, responses and awards.  These are real-time reports and require leadership teams to respond and establish the proper activities as required throughout the entire pipeline.
  • Teaming Partnerships– One of our greatest assets is the global network of potential partners.  In some cases, small to mid-sized companies who are seeking contract awards will need teaming partners to secure a win.   These teaming partners can range from other small businesses, certified diversity organizations, large businesses, suppliers, personnel, resumes and even non-profit organizations.  Our deep level of relationships are experienced working with clients and can shorten the time it takes to build the right team to expedite the win process.  Each partner will have its own expectations and vetting process.  However, clients enrolled in our program will have already have the established requirements from the Vertex Accelerator standards to expedite the agreement.

Next Steps & Important Notes

Contact APSi and the Vertex Business Group to schedule a “FREE” strategy call to see if your business is ready to take the next step to securing contract funds through local/federal funding or grants.

***Right now, small and mid-sized businesses are taking advantage of the contracting process to sustain their business grown and diversify its client base.

***No time better than now to position your company to build great relationships, gain access to millions of opportunities and expand your service offerings through contracting resources.

***A large number of small businesses are achieving more success than ever using government (local & federal) pipeline of opportunities.  Each day, qualified businesses are viewing thousands of new bid opportunities ranging from food, PPE, software, training, security, landscaping, construction, technology, finance, medical and everything in between.

***There are no guarantees in the contracting industry.  BUT–companies who understand the process and are consistent with daily activities are amongst the selected companies to receive awards.  Its about consistent activities and bid submissions once you’ve position the business for success.

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