Facilities Management Services

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Facilities Management Solutions

APSI ‘s Facilities Management and Maintenance Services takes a unique approach to commercial and government facility care.  We provide quality maintenance, janitorial solutions, and lawncare services to organizations throughout the country.

APSI’s clients benefit from working alongside experienced leaders with a successful track record supporting commercial, government, and non-traditional facility’s needs. We employ industry professionals who have been providing facility management services, janitorial, grounds, and lawn maintenance solutions for over a decade.  APSI has the capability of supporting federal, academic, local, and commercial properties delivering a full turnkey solution.

The APSi Facilities Management Solutions include:

  • – Janitorial Services
  • – Facilities Maintenance 
  • – Grounds Management 
  • – Program & Project Management 
  • – Resource Management 

APSI is more than your typical Facilities Management Service Provider, we are committed to building relationships that last over decades.  We take a deeper dive into understanding your requirements and align the righ solution with the best teams to ensure the repeatable performance-driven results.  No matter the type of engagement, we approach the opportunity with the mindset of serving our customers at a high level utilizing proven framework to provide consistent and efficient outcomes.

Winning Process Strategies

With APSi, your business is able to capture key intel necessary for successful outcomes.  Unlike other Facilities Management firms, successful facility management requires proven processes that are driven by daily activities.  The daily activities support the team and offers information that can be analyzed and measured by risk vs. reward.  Our systematic approach drives our teams to take action and build a successful engagement. 

Consistent Framework

The Capture Management Solution will be delivered through a framework to identify activities within the designated team members across the life cycle of each bid opportunity.  All actions taken within our framework is documented and measured for a consistent flow of awards.  This strategy enables your team to provide input to stakeholders as it is made available on each project.

Embedded Partnerships 

Selecting APSi to manage your facility needs includes a global network of partners who can improve outcomes.  These are strategically placed relationships that enhance your response and show validity to your product or service offering.  Our partner network could be the relationships you need to build to improve performance and these entities range from diversity, small and large businesses, enterprise level services and other clients who have experienced success through the program.

Consistent Flow of Improvement

Facilities Management is about a consistent flow of strategic activities that improve performance activities.  Meaning, to engage client needs, you must be able to understand the expectations, have a process that is measurable, and have teams that can execute strategies. Our Facilities Management Solutions provide access to proven processes and resources with successful past performance.  We manage the relationship development phase, ensure the proper personnel are in place across all opportunities.  Some of these activities may include; manage calendars/schedules, milestones, reviews, briefings, KPI assessments, reporting and updates.  The result is a well oiled process consistent with daily activities that drive predictable outcomes.

Key Facilities Management Capabilities

Janitorial Services

  • – General Facilities
  • – Floor Care
  • – Carpet Cleaning
  • – Trash Hauling
  • – Pressure Washing
  • – Commercial/Federal Services
  • – Healthcare Services

Facilities Management 

  • – Program & Project Management
  • – Construction Cleanup
  • – Parking Lot Services
  • – Planning & Design Support
  • – Snow Removal
  • – Seasonal Services

Grounds Maintenance 

  • – Program & Project Management
  • – Lawn care Services
  • – Landscaping Solutions
  • – Aeration and Seeding
  • – Pest Control
  • – Debris Removal
  • – Edging and Mowing Service Crews
  • – Seasonal Services

Teaming Partnerships

 One of our greatest assets is the global network of potential partners.  In some cases, small to mid-sized companies who are seeking strong collaborations to improve service capabilities.   These teaming partners can range from other small businesses, certified diversity organizations, large businesses, suppliers, individual personnel, resumes and even non-profit organizations.  Our deep level of relationships are experienced working with clients and can shorten the time it takes to build the right team to expedite the win process.  Each partner will have its own expectations and vetting process.  However, clients enrolled in our program will have already have the established requirements from the Vertex Accelerator standards to expedite the agreement.

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