Coaching Solutions

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Coaching Solutions

Coaching services are the fastest way to achieve amazing results in your career, personal life or your business.  In fact, many of the most successful people on the planet have had some form of coaching during their journey.  Working with APSi and the Vertex Team, you can expect massive results within the first two or three sessions.  When you work with us, you’ll receive:


  • 1:1 Power Sessions each week
  • Expert guidance to hold you accountable and keep you focused.
  • Choice of several packages, ranging from individual sessions to 12 month “breakthrough” programs.
  • Establish pain points from intense assessments to identify your true root cause.
  • Set SMART Goals with Key Results Areas and Key Performance Indicators to track daily.
  • Create an actual action plans that will guide you through the process of growth.
  • Access to our Vertex Accelerator Systems (Vertex Professional System, Vertex Business Accelerator and the Vertex Sales Accelerator System)
  • Learn how to establish an ecosystem (systematic framework) to boot your business, personal and career growth using proven strategies and action steps that get results!

A major part of our success has been helping clients get to a major break through by identifying the true cause of their challenges.  Armed with this information, our team is able to easily break down the barriers like; bad strategies, poor execution, lack of knowledge, scarcity mindset or limiting belief systems that have been holding them back.

Every coach or Vertex Facilitator is trained and certified in the Accelerator applications and tactics, which have helped many businesses increase their revenues by 30-150%.  We’ve helped executives improve “Power Skill” development, which translates into strong leadership and better decision making.  We’ve even helped career professionals identify purpose/passion in the workforce that resulted in promotions or better compensation.

Businesses or executives who work with our team, on average, experience exponential growth, new skills, better strategies and confidence in their ability to succeed.  You’ll be empowered by our easy to learn Vertex Systems and motivated to take action that is directly connected to your desired outcomes.

Coaching Services Offered:

  • Vertex Business Accelerator System (Focused on a holistic approach to the business, operations, sales and talent)
  • Vertex Sales Accelerator (Specific toward boosting sales, new client development, capture management and marketing)
  • Vertex Lifeskills Program (Directed toward personal growth and development)


For more information on our specific coaching programs:

-Vertex Business Coaching Programs visit

-Vertex Personal/Professional Coaching visit:

-Vertex Life Skills Program visit:

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