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Our team of business experts have the track record of success you need to help achieve sustainable growth through the Vertex Sales Accelerator.  The Vertex Sales Accelerator System focuses on 5 key Elements within every thriving business:

  • Leadership Assessments & Evaluations
  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • The Sales Process itself
  • Market Positioning
  • KRA/KPI Management and Measurements

Our approach is based on a systematic framework that puts the customer needs in front of making money.  It’s uniquely built around core protocols like; messaging, process alignment, talent capabilities, service offerings, pricing strategies, network, client definition, key results and performance areas, the business unique sales promise and execution.

These core items are proven to increase productivity and improve the business bottom line.  This approach ensures your business delivers on its promise at every touchpoint and the customers have the same experience throughout the process.

While our team dives into the daily sales operation, we collect important data that identifies how well you understand your customer and its needs and behaviors.  We help your team understand the analytics and best practice tactics to get results in your specific industry.  The Vertex Sales Team will provide a better understanding of various platforms in which your prospects are available for contact and innovative ways to utilize digital services to build your brand and authority in the market.

Our Sales and Marketing Team will deliver results by accelerating/improving your existing process by targeting top-down and bottom up channels with our Vertex framework.

We’ll break down the barriers and discover pain points within your existing sales cycle and evaluate which component is hindering your growth.  As we continue to understand your needs better, you can expect to build a “Playbook” to implement into your company that will build a winning ecosystem for sustainable and predictable growth in your revenues.

Your personalized Playbook will be custom to your talent and business size, but scaleable as you begin to experience better clients, higher margins and favorable contracts.

In some cases, our team is led to attack your pricing paradox and get you positioned properly in the market to drive better pricing.  In other cases, its re-negotiating bad deals in which your business is suffering from long payment terms or unfavorable demands as a small business.

Other areas our customers see immediate improvements are operational.  With a Vertex Coach, you could identify gaps in how you manage your sales teams.  These gaps are typically caused by having the right strategies being executing in the wrong operational sequence.  Even though you may be able to capture some gains with this dynamic, you’ll never be able to scale your business in the maturity model with hidden flaws that are not identified early in the development.

Another benefit of our sales and marketing solution is the strategic planning process.  We’ll dive into your financial goals, overarching objectives and help you combine hard metrics with daily activities (in your KRA’s) to build a machine that is easily replicated in other markets or divisions. Our clients, on average, receive over $15MM in new opportunities and 15%-30% first year revenue increases.

Imagine what a 15% increase in revenues would mean to you each year? For most of our customers, it’s the difference of generating a few hundred thousand dollars or over one million dollars in new gross revenue.

We help our customers identify and nurture new customers.  You can either have our team train your reps how to capture more business–or you could opt to have our team represent your company in the entire business development cycle.

In either case, you’ll be tapping into the power of a global network of enterprise relationships in commercial, municipal and government industries that will be introduced to your business.

At every step of the journey, APSi and the Vertex Sales Team will help you eliminate wasteful activities, implement proven strategies, educate your reps in professional tactics that drive results and build predictable revenues--year after year.

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Simply put, Scott is the blueprint for all top level management professionals. His high level of integrity, dynamic business nature makes him admired by peers and preferred by clients. I would strongly recommend him for any organization looking to improve, sustain and maximize their business performance.

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Human Resources , Technical Consulting Firm

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