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Executive Training Solutions

Over the last 20+ years, APSi has been an innovator in the workforce training market.  Beginning in 209, Coach Scott began looking at the workforce development initiatives.  Frustrated with some of the components within the system, Scott began to look for ways to merge traditional training concepts with innovate ways to connect professionals to emerging technology and opportunities.  The result of over 3 years of research was an Award-Winning Program that was recognized nationwide for its ability to connect content, coaching, placement and client partnerships.

Today, APSi has shifted its innovative approach toward digital platforms that every professional world-wide can have access to.  APSi’s rich history of professional education innovation expanded beyond the classroom and into e-learning, on-demand self paced instruction that focuses on specific Power Skill Development that closes the gaps in todays workforce.

In 2019, APSi, with its partners at the Vertex Business Group, developed the Performance Learning Center. The new Vertex Performance Center supports individual professionals and business executives who are in need of specific skills that translate into growth and skill improvement.  Through our partnership with experts from around the world, we’ve been able to develop course content delivered in workshop, over-the-shoulder, or instructor led format.  Each course is broken down to simple to digest modules and accessible anywhere students have access to working internet.

Course categories include: Operations, Personal Development, Finance, Leadership, Career Building, and more.

APSi’s e-learning portal is managed by industry leading educational LMS system and are affordable for anyone serious about improvement.  Our content specialist are updating and uploading new content each month to build a catalog acceptable for every professional’s goals.

Currently courses are individually priced, but over the next year we plan to offer more value through a membership model.  So, go ahead and take advantage of our amazingly priced courses today!

Training For Those Who Strive For Growth

Multiple Delivery Options

Offer multiple platforms for skill development.  Online, On-Demand, In-Person Workshops, Seminars, Private Executive/Team Instruction.

Powerful Content

Content designed specifically to get maximum results.  Our content writers and instructional partners are the best in the business.

Best Instructors

We’ve invested in building partnerships with the very best instructors from around the world.  Leaders in their perspective industry who have helped us build a catalog of engaging content for our students.

Global Reach

Through our world-class LMS platform, our training content is available for people who need training anywhere around the globe.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technology is the driving force in our training success.  We’re capable of providing students a seamless experience with access to instructors, downloadable content and Q&A sessions with instructors.


Customizable content for business groups that want targeted training. Many of our courses can be tailored toward your business or personnel needs.

Why Professionals Choose up?

Professional Design

Professional training content designed by professional educators.  

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Targeted Content

Targeted content designed to build essential skills that are not part of traditional skill building programs. 

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous infusion of new content and courses based on the ever changing and competitive climate of todays workforce. 

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