Supplier Diversity Solutions

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Supplier Diversity Solutions

APSi and the Vertex Business Group collaborates with both Small Businesses and Enterprise Level Organizations/Associations to help identify qualified supplier partners.

Our team has over 200 years’ combined experience in this arena and have a global network of participating clients who are eager to connect with the right suppliers.  Over the last 30 years, our team has helped small businesses capture over $200M in small business opportunities and through the Vertex Business Accelerator, we can:

  • -Help you identify the best agency/organizational fit for your products/services.
  • -Create a “systematic” approach to growth, subcontract success, teaming/partnerships, leadership and execution.
  • -Provide training and development programs for individual stakeholders, staff members, project teams and sales professionals.
  • -On-site and virtual mentorship that includes audits, site walks, evaluations, webinars/seminars and training solutions.
  • -Establish a proven “Capture Management” system to improve your bid/award ratios.
  • -Tailor or update a performance based plan for your small business.
  • -Assist with certification processing, tracking and registration.
  • -Branding/Marketing and Procurement Sales Procedures
  • -Proposal writing and submission.
  • -And more…

Our success derives from the Vertex Business Accelerator Ecosystem that helps small business owners structure their business in a manner that best meets or exceeds the qualifications for contract award.  This proprietary framework allows each small business the ability to present the necessary strategies, daily activities, reporting and program management capabilities to instill trust with small and large project/contract awards.

Our Supplier Diversity Programs are equally important to the end user and the small business supplier.  Give us a call and let our team experts share how our supplier diversity programs can close the gap on your small business initiatives.

Our Supplier Diversity Solutions

Help Identify Qualified Suppliers
  • We help enterprise companies, government agencies and municipal companies select the right supplier for their small business/diversity project or contract needs.
  • Establish qualification standards.
  • Connect suppliers to appropriate partnerships
  • Evaluate compliance requirements
  • Conduct matchmaking events/calls/meetings
Define Performance Metrics
  • Help identify Key Results Areas
  • Define Perfomance Indicators
  • Establish performance improvement plans
  • Design reporting processes and systems
  • Monitor project/contract progress
  • Facilitate management report meetings and action plans
Create Strategic Alliances
  • Connect both suppliers and enterprise companies for contract/projects.
  • Help build strategic alliances with qualified partners.
  • Serve as liaison to ensure contract/project success.
  • Work with Diversity Groups, Communities, Agencies and Small Business Groups to assist with certification packaging and work with small business leaders throughout the process.
Strategic Planning
  • Assist small business leaders with diversity strategic planning.
  • Capture Management solutions for local and federal opportunities.
  • Help suppliers understand target markets.
  • Build customer and partner profiles.
  • Establish marketing plans.
  • Facilitate SMART Goal setting strategies.
  • Evaluate sales teams, structure and reporting tools.
  • Work with leadership teams with personal, team and organizational development.
  • Build training programs, plans and topics to improve ability to execute within contract/project or partnership.
Assist With Certification Process
  • Assist small business with diversity certification processing.
  • Help identify appropriate certification for the small business.
  • Improve certification submission rates, response time and eliminate errors within the documentation.
  • Help small businesses establish Veteran/MWSBE/HUB/DBE/SBE/LGBT and other certification qualifications for their businesses.
  • Ensure SAMS Registration is complete. (Certs & Reps/NAIC Codes etc.)
Diversity Project/Program Management
  • Provide Program & Project Management for diversity groups/initiatives.
  • Help prepare compliance reports.
  • Assist with on boarding, evaluation and management of diversity or small business programs.
  • Assist with program goals, supplier evaluation and enrollment.
  • Establish dashboards, portals and online/virtual tools for measurement and monitoring progress.

Why choose APSi and Vertex Business Group?

Affordable For Small Businesses

All of our programs are affordably designed with the small business community at heart.  Our team is committed to assisting small business owners identify, understand and thrive as a subcontractor or contract awardee who can progress through the business maturity model to eventually become a small business friendly large enterprise.  We have a variety of programs that fit the budget of startups and mid-sized small businesses alike–each with an emphasis on performance improvement and contract execution and compliance.  

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Strategic Campaigns

Our team of experts are knowledgeable with the common challenges small businesses face in a competitive environment.  We help each individual design strategic campaigns that best fit their capabilities, product/services/progression plan and customer needs.   We’re able to assist them with building proper target markets and connect them with opportunities that are in alignment with their ability to thrive instead of being overwhelmed on the project.  

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Big Business Knowledge

Each of our experts have extensive experience working with big businesses who are small business friendly.  This experience translated into their success in creating thriving small companies and now sharing this knowledge with the community.  Our customers can expect comprehensive guidance (from actual experience) on how to approach large business, identify customer needs, align their business with opportunities and execute once given the opportunity.  This expertise has become a game changer for many of the clients we work with and their ROI has ranged from 30% to over 50% in extremely successful cases.  

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