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Training & Workforce Development Solutions

As a former US Army Basic Instructor, engaging learners and assisting them with training goals is not only our purpose, but our passion.  APSi and its training partners provide individuals and organizations innovative training solutions coupled with tools to further advance learning outcomes.  Since 2009, our team has been an innovator in designing training programs, improving partnerships within communities, and changing lives and careers of learners throughout the United States.

In the post-pandemic economy, workforce employability, “power” (soft) skill development, social skills, and vocational training are all connected to the success of our economy.  Creating training content with a real-world focus is critical to helping the next generation of STEM/CTE-based professionals apply what they’ve learned upon graduation and excel into the future.  All of our courses and programs are seamlessly linked across the academic and workforce  continuum, from initial assessments, to workforce readiness, and globally recognized certifications earned at the end of each course.

Job skills have been identified as the future of individual and economic growth and our goal is to prepare each student with the necessary tools to compete for opportunities in STEM/CTE careers.

APSi and the Vertex Business Group is considered visionaries for learning services.  As subject matter experts in the training industry, we understand how to develop training solutions customized to your specific needs.  Many of our programs begin with a deep dive assessment that leads toward a strategic planning session where we build the foundation of training needs for your project.

The experienced curriculum developers are then able to build a foundation that allows your target market the ability to engage the training, comprehend the content, and then apply that knowledge on the job site.  We have over 30 years of experience training, teaching, coaching, writing, and facilitating training solutions around the world.  Many of our key personnel are prior military instructors, federal curriculum developers, and corporate leaders with a successful track record of building award-winning programs in various environments.

Our team can help you identify needs and execute training programs based upon your strategic requirements and with efficient outcomes.

Our Training Solutions

Adult Learning Solutions
  • Our adult learning solutions consist of individual training services, one-to-one coaching solutions, group training, and train-the-trainer options.
  • We provide accredited CTE-based vocational training courses (ask for a catalog of vocational courses in your market)
  • Community-based training
  • K-12 workforce readiness content
  • Business, Technology, and Support training courses
Performance-Based Coaching
  • Our Certified Coaches deliver performance-based coaching services for individuals, groups, and teams
  • We utilize performance-based strategies to help you achieve SMART expectations and goals
  • Utilize our proven Vertex Accelerator System to help you establish a measurable “ecosystem” to learning, performance, and excellence
  • Incorporate innovative technology, tools and curriculum that enhance the experience in the classroom, one-to-one sessions, or virtual platform
  • All of our programs are fully customizable to meet your individual or business needs.
Essential "Power" Skills Training
  • Our “power” skills content is a critical portion of our training success.  The power skills catalog was designed to help our clients maximize the vocational training, while reducing workforce turnover with unprepared employees.
  • The power skills catalog includes over 120 essential topics ranging from leadership, emotional intelligence, to communication and customer service courses.
  • Each power skill course is created to meet federal standards and allow students the ability to demonstrate what they’ve learned on the job.
  • Courses can be tailored for virtual learning, on-demand instruction, workshops, or webinar format.
Remote Learning Tools
  • Remote training services that accommodates professionals, no matter where they are.
  • We deliver engaging courses utilizing technology that facilitates and enhances the learning experience.
  • Complies with SCORM standards and flexible enough to assist learners with various abilities to capture the content and apply the skills they have learned
  • Features include online registration, course management, self-paced and blended learning formats.
  • Affordable for all learners
  • Our LMS includes student portals that tracks progress, manages assignments, and allows live chats with instructors
  • Students can manage their certifications upon completion and can download documentation to show proof of competence in the completed topic
Workshops & Live Training Events
  • In person or classroom facilitated workshops with tailored topics to meet your business needs
  • 1/2 day, 1-day, 2-day and weekend formats cover more than 40 training titles available nationwide
  • Customized virtual, on-demand, or pre-recorded programs available
  • We utilize subject matter experts to facilitate our webinar and workshop events to deliver the best experience for our participants
  • Online workshops can be provided using modern day technology, screen sharing tools, and moderated formats for complex events that require breakout sessions
  • Check with your APSi representative for a full catalog of topics we have successfully provided to clients throughout the US
Diversity Project/Program Management
  • Provide Program & Project Management for diversity groups/initiatives.
  • Help prepare compliance reports.
  • Assist with on boarding, evaluation and management of diversity or small business programs.
  • Assist with program goals, supplier evaluation and enrollment.
  • Establish dashboards, portals and online/virtual tools for measurement and monitoring progress.

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