Workforce Development Training

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Award-Winning Workforce Development Programming

APSi and its partners have played a major role in helping communities, universities, non-profits, and local businesses fill skill gaps for high demand jobs for over twenty years.  We focus on empowering and educating targeted markets to establish a competitive edge, achieve local/federal goals, and build future success for individuals transitioning their careers.

Our team comprises of military leaders, instructors, veterans, industry experts, recruiting professionals, and certified coaches who deliver innovative programs that meet the needs of participants while improving their approach to continuous improvement.

Each of our programs are based on our Vertex Performance Framework which  includes assessments, critical thinking, skill development, work/life balance, continuous improvement and performance acceleration.  The workforce development programs are built to enhance student skills in STEM/CTE careers that set the program participants on a path of sustainable growth beyond the classroom.

What we offer?

Training & Education
  • We provide access to accredited vocational training
  • Offer access to globally recognized certifications
  • Build innovative training programs aligned with future growth needs
  • Connect our programs with community employers, leaders, colleges, and non-profit groups.
  • Eligible for WIOA, grants and federal funding sources
  • Training designed to include blending learning; classroom application, theory, online content (for some courses), and ongoing coaching services
Recruiting & Assessments
  • Identify and screen eligible participants ranging from entry level to highly skilled professionals (18+ working aged)
  • Provide informational sessions to educate participants on industry growth and job opportunities in the market
  • Work closely with community leaders/groups to offer access to the training in target markets and demographics.
  • Provide information on career sustainability, wages, growth trends and local employers.
  • Eligible groups include; underserved population (18+), veterans, men/women interested in STEM/CTE careers, and qualified individuals who meet the funding criteria
Up-skilling Solutions
  • Training programs designed to help professionals develop skills that can be applied immediately on the job and within the workplace
  • Skill development outcomes support employee retention and growth beyond the classroom
  • Work with local employers obtain funding and tax credits to skill up employees
  • Work with HR departments with layoff aversion strategies, retraining initiatives and help existing employees gain skills of the future
  • Building career growth plans for individuals or groups to accelerate performance
  • Help individuals establish Training and Career Plans
Strategic Planning
  • Assist with building a formal career and training plan for each participant
  • Capture job opportunities using the new skills established during the program
  • Help participants understand emerging markets, industries and job opportunities
  • Offer coaching/mentoring solutions to help walk students through the journey to success
  • Facilitate SMART Goal setting strategies
  • Evaluate participant progression and help keep them accountable through each phase
  • Identify “power” skills (soft) using our virtual on-demand database with course topics like leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, project management and more…
  • Introduce the Vertex Professional Accelerator system to establish an “ecosystem” of life-long learning and development
Professional Development
  • Improve job performance and productivity
  • Boost community morale and engagement by introducing innovative training connected to high demand job outlook
  • Help students increase their knowledge and skills in the post-pandemic marketplace
  • Simplify the process for a variety of learners
  • Support local employers with career, job and brand awareness in areas that most likely don’t advertise STEM/CTE opportunities
Innovative Approach
  • Innovative content tailored to meet the various learning needs of the community and employers
  • Flexible delivery of our training content that includes classroom instruction for hands on application, virtual instruction for coaching/assessments, on-demand training for supplemental support certifications
  • Programs designed toward each group of students.  Short courses for advanced learning and long-term instruction for retraining/transitioning groups
  • Instructors are certified for each topic and subject matter experts in their perspective fields
  • Content customized for learning styles and materials include all hand-on application to be applied immediately upon graduation
Transitioning Solutions
  • Provide easy transitioning services facilitated by assigned career placement coach
  • Connect graduates with local and national employers seeking the skills earned in the training programs
  • Develop transition plans to ensure success for individuals employed in the new STEM/CTE career field
  • Provide assistance to participants, community leaders, employers to coordinate interviews and application process for graduates
  • Educate students on the geographical opportunity within the local market
  • Help graduates prepare for employment i.e. establish childcare arrangements, transportation, work ready kits/tools, and mental preparation
Track long-term growth
  • Give graduates access to our continuous improvement portals after employment to continue skill building
  • Graduates will gain access to our LMS system with “power” skill content beyond the engagement
  • Invite all graduates to “private” social media platforms for added workshops and events
  • Offer various ongoing training sessions offered by our network of affiliates and partners world-wide
  • Follow up methods and strategies to improve success ratios after placement

Why our Workforce Development Programs build confidence, competence, and long-term success?

Build geographic assets in high-demand markets

We identify sectors with high growth potential and then design training programs that allow working aged professionals, from multiple socioeconomic groups, the ability to fill those skill gaps within the workforce.  We collaborate with communities, employers and educational institutions to address talent issues within STEM/CTE sectors.  

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Performance-Driving Training Methods

Our programs engage participants and deliver marketable skills required for sustainable growth within the workforce.  Each program focuses on innovative training modules that integrate vocational training, behavioral skills, and a mindset that is required to perform on the job.  Our curriculum emphasizes interactive engagements from theory, to hands-on application, and reinforcement of skills so each graduate can immediately apply them upon employment.  

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Pre-Employment Readiness

We’ve found that successful workforce development begins with preparation.  All of our training programs are designed to ensure participants are ready for employment.  Each student is educated on the job details, career outlook, and options within the career/industry.  Students are required to establish both a career and training plan that aligns with their vocational training giving them a head start to professional growth within the industry.  Career Coaches and instructors emphasize the importance of having a plan and implementing action steps to increase skill value and performance as they progress in the new career.  

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