Jim GeterMaster Vertex Coach

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areas of expertise
  • Business transformation
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Technology Integration
  • Growth strategy
  • Capture Management 
  • Business Development/Sales
  • BS, Management, University of Maryland
  • Certified in Defense Acquisition
  • Certified Vertex Master Coach

Jim Geter is the owner of Extreme Data Technologies (XDT) and Co-Founder of the Vertex Business Group.  Jim has more than 30 years of professional military and program management to include personnel supervision, hardware, software, infrastructure and telecommunications management, design, integration, and installation expertise. Serves as the Senior Executive Vice President, Extreme Data Technologies instrumental in securing over $50M in Government contracting award efforts.

Jim is considered one of the industry’s experts in Small/Large Business Consultants specializing in leadership, operations, business development, management, finance and capture management.

Jim has served in military and commercial leadership roles such as; Command System Architect, Operations Director, Executive Vice President, Communications, Information Systems Management, Program Manager, Owner and International Director.  Over his career, Jim has help companies procure over $300MM in contract opportunities and has a passion for helping small businesses.


  • DOL Opens Up Industry-Run Apprenticeships

    ​The Trump administration’s goal to create a separate channel of employer-managed apprenticeships is set to be a reality.The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued a final rule Mar. 11 establishing Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs) to exist alongside the current DOL-regulated system.The rule, which goes into effect May 11, outlines the process by which third parties,

    March 17, 2020
  • European Travel Ban Imperils Foreign Workers Abroad

    ​Organizations have until midnight on Friday to identify foreign national employees in the 26 European countries listed for restricted travel by the Trump administration and plan for their return to the U.S., if possible.President Donald Trump announced March 11 that nearly all travel from Europe’s Schengen Area to the U.S. will be curtailed for 30

    March 17, 2020
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Simply put, Scott is the blueprint for all top level management professionals. His high level of integrity, dynamic business nature makes him admired by peers and preferred by clients. I would strongly recommend him for any organization looking to improve, sustain and maximize their business performance.

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